Getting dumped when you were never in a relationship

I feel like I’ve been dumped. I’m pretty sure that the guy I had been casually seeing since September has started seeing someone seriously. We haven’t talked in two weeks so I’m not *positive* but there’s no god damn way now that I’m going to text him.

I know that we were never exclusive. But I just literally feel soooo dispensable. It isn’t a good feeling. I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with this guy, as I’ve had these feelings before. But the times before were always my own insecurity. He wasn’t seeing anyone but rather, it was just me and my bipolar mind being like, “lol no one likes you.”

When I broke up with the last girlfriend I had, I met him that same day. He was my rebound, basically. But I got attached. I’m still attached.

Honestly I knew that this would eventually happen but I’m feeling really annoyed that I wasn’t the one to be in a relationship first and I’m still not over him. I’m annoyed that I invested so much emotional energy into someone that literally did not care about me for four months and only wanted to fuck me.

I just feel really stupid! I put myself in this situation because I kept the casual relationship going even though I knew I was getting feelings. Even though I knew I was getting hurt, and I was allowing it.

There isn’t really anything to say. I just feel really fucking stupid.


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