I should have ghosted llloolllll

My therapist said that I should apologize to the guy mentioned in my previous post, since I have the tendency to make mountains out of molehills. So I did.

And everything was fine until he wanted to sext me and I said no. And then he tried to make plans with me and I told him I didn’t want to drive late at night especially on NYE. I have PTSD driving at night, and add the added stress of being worried about drunk drivers… nah.

Then he got upset 

Like!! Do you think I give a fuck!

I don’t need someone that tries to guilt me into doing more things with them. I’m busy, I’m anxious, I’m mentally ill. I don’t need this shit. I will unapologetically cut you off and I will not regret it.

Does he not know what a queen I am? 

Who just says this shit?

Fuck that.



One thought on “I should have ghosted llloolllll

  1. Wow… what the hell? Yeah just find someone else. No one, and I mean no one is entitled to anyone else’s time – ever. We are all as busy as everyone else. Period. So if you were unable or unwilling to make plans for that night, either he needed to make plans for a different day or drop it altogether and find someone else. Whining about it in an attempt to get you to change your mind is never cool.

    And incidentally the same goes for you in the future if you find someone who isn’t making time for you. There are a host of reasons why a person wouldn’t BUT relationships need that time to be made. So if that time isn’t made instead of trying to force that change, just move on. In healthy relationships, people who want to be together will find a way to make it happen mutually without the bullshit games.

    I don’t understand why your therapist told you different unless it was an attempt to get you to break out of your shell or something? Sometimes I think our therapists don’t get the full picture of what we’re telling them because we’re patients and they aren’t listening to us as people. They’re listening to us as the set of diagnoses we have and they allow that to filter what they hear. Which I think is unfortunate. Therapists have the opportunity to be the first line of protection against abuse.

    The reality here is even if this guy isn’t a predator – because honestly I have no idea and no way to know – THAT ISN’T WHAT’S FLAGGING ME HERE. And it’s not so much his behavior so much that is flagging me as “this relationship is unhealthy” but it’s your reaction to it that is flagging me. IT’S MAKING YOU UPSET. IT’S MAKING YOU UNCOMFORTABLE. IT’S MAKING YOU FEEL LESS THAN. I don’t care if the guy gave you roses and it made you feel that way. On what planet does it make sense to continue to hang out with someone and pursue a relationship when you feel this way? And WHY would a therapist encourage that is beyond me.

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