I got rejected today. It wasn’t under normal circumstances though…

I had been talking to a guy that is in an open relationship with his wife for a while. I’ve never met him, just because my life has been so hectic. I started talking to him in February, stopped in July, and started again in September.

We were really hitting off. I met him through a dating site. 

So anyways, we hadn’t talked in a while and I noticed this week that he had been looking at my profile a few times. I messaged him on the site and teased him about it. 

He texted me and laughed it off, but then proceeded to say that he and his wife discussed that it is best if he didn’t date someone as young as me. Because it made his wife uncomfortable. He’s 27 and I turned 21 today. 

So… I do feel hurt and it really does suck. But I do understand. And looking at the bigger picture, I’m not really anybody in his life. And even if I was, I wouldn’t try to do something with someone if all parties didn’t know about it or didn’t agree. That would be so, so wrong.

But yeah idk?? I feel hurt and it sucks to get rejected. I don’t know that I’ve ever been rejected in this sense.. I don’t think I’ve ever been just flat out rejected. So my feelings are kind of all over the place. Do you ever feel that? Knowing that while your hurt is valid, that the reason something hurts is probably for the best? 

Yeah. Idk. It probably wasn’t a good idea anyways. But I feel like so many people from my generation don’t like to commit. I have trouble with it too. I’m scared of love. So I thought it would be fine.

Ahh I feel so stupid writing about this. I wouldn’t tell anybody else this.. yeah.. so that’s that.
🎂🎂 Happy birthday to me, though 🎂🎂


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