I always want to fix my parents’ problems for them.

Often times, I find myself wanting to get in the middle of their fights just to get them to stop. Actually, it’s not even wanting to do it. I do do it. Every time.

Both of my parents are very stubborn and they don’t like admitting they’re wrong. Small, petty fights are drawn out to be long, bitter fights.
I’ve talked about this before on a separate blog. I’ve also talked to my therapist about it. The answers are the same –I am not responsible for my parents. I know that, I do. But I also don’t want them to fight or get divorced. I think that would hurt even more. And so I do try to me the mediator a lot.

My brother is 14 and I guess, I try to fix my parents’ problems so that he won’t have to have divorced parents. If it happens, I just don’t want it to happen when he’s still young. I’m also doing it for myself. It hurts me because my parents will get mad at me if I don’t take their side. Their response when I try to talk to them about it is, “why am I always the bad guy?”

I wish they wouldn’t see it that way. 
There’s not really much to say in this post. I’m just posting it to vent. It’s kind of all I do on this blog and actually, I made it with the intent of just having to vent. So excuse me to any of my followers if I seem negative all the time. Good things do happen to me and I have good people in my life. But this is kind of the first place I go to when I want to talk about troubling things that are on my mind.

Anyways, I wish this wasn’t the situation blahblah. Who would? 


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