Extended Family

I’ve always had all of my family on Facebook. and I mean ALL of my family. I definitely set my settings so that they don’t see particular posts, though. I don’t want them to know anything about my political beliefs or religious beliefs. That won’t go down well and I don’t have the patience for that.

My aunt (and her husband) and my uncle came to portland to visit us. It was all fine but my extended family (on my dad’s side) can be SO dramatic. It’s the reason I never want to go visit any of them. I don’t visit my grandma too often because she has dementia, but the kind where your personality completely changes. She’s incredibly dramatic and lies about everything and makes herself to be the victim all the time. It can get to be too much. She argues about everything and it is just really stressful.


Anyway!!! Lots of drama happened over this visit and basically it made me want to distance myself from them even further.

All 3 of my dad’s sisters open up to my mom, but my mom is very blunt. But that’s what people like about her. She won’t bullshit you, she will tell you the straight-up truth. Anyway, my aunts at one point opened up to her and didn’t like the answer they got lol. Though, I would have answered the same. As a result, they started ostracizing my mom and like just being rude?? Like, all was fine and dandy until one of my aunts (the one that came to visit) took something personally that my mom said. My mom had invited her to go shopping the next day so that my aunt could distract herself, as her daughter just died from cerebral palsy. That was nice, right? Because she took whatever the thing was personal, she completely ignored my mom. No calls, no texts. NOTHING. Just being completely ignorant and rude and not even saying anything. Just taking shit behind my moms back instead of saying “hey i didn’t like what you said” like a reasonable person would do.

Anyway that pissed my mom off and it pissed me off too. It isn’t fair. EVERYONE in my extended family asks my mom or medical advice because she is a nurse. Things like “oh why does my chest hurt, what can i do for xxx, blahblahblah” So I feel so PISSED that they use my mom like that but completely fuck around with her otherwise. My mom is sick of it and said to me “if they ask me about something, ANYTHING again, i’m just going to say ‘i don’t know'”

My mom deleted them all from Facebook, which i understand.
I am going to delete them too. They didn’t do anything outwardly towards me, but they did it to my mom. And though my mom and I have a complicated relationship, I love her more than anything and will not have someone fuck with her.

Regardless, I’ve always thought that once I “got older” (as if I’m not an adult right now lol) and moved out, I would probably never see them again. I would maybe only see them at holidays, if that. This became very apparent when I went off to university. I seriously expected my family or at least my grandparents to call me once a week or something. I visited them ALL THE TIME so i thought they would miss me.
They NEVER called. My parents rarely called but they were super busy and stressed out so I understand. But my family? My grandma even lied to everyone and said that she tried to call me but that I said that “I didn’t want to talk and just hung up on her.” AS IF I WOULD EVER DO THAT. Ugh!! Anyway, I know they care about me on SOME level. But only on the level that i think is like “oh i HAVE to care about them because we are blood-related…” not any other reason.

I dunno man. I’m feeling annoyed and like I’m annoyed with all of them too. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone but i kind of don’t mean for this post to be something for people to read. i just needed to get it off my chest.


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