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Things to remember after a breakup

1. Stop trying to find out why something didn’t happen or why something didn’t work out. You’ll never get the answer you want. 
2. Everything you knew about that person is now irrelevant. They’re a completely different person now and you don’t know them at all. You won’t like it.
3. As soon as you show vulnerability, they’ll turn around and tell you they’re trying to move on lol
4. You’ll be really sad and angry and disappointed. None of this will be validated. 
5. You’re still a boss ass bitch and everyone else is a fuckin’ geek 


Last night


Last night was a horrible fucking night. Up until now, I have been suppressing my feelings about my failed relationship. It felt like I was going to be ok. Until I started feeling sad. And then sadder. And pretty soon, I was crying uncontrollably. I cried for hours straight.

I started removing my ex from my life last night. I have found that, that is what helps me cope. I just remove them from my life completely. Reducing their carbon footprint in my life, never to be spoken of again. But it will be harder this time. I recognized this when I had just built up the guts to remove my ex from my Facebook page, and then I realized I was wearing one of her shirts. And then I still had small letters from her in my wallet. And then I realized my laptop was covered in stickers from her.

It was just a lot of small things and gestures that made me realize. Holy shit. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought. And through the process of trying to get rid of everything, i just had a complete meltdown.

This still doesn’t feel real. It feels like she’s just at rehab again. Or we’re mad at each other. And it feels like I’ll wake up in the morning to a text message that says “good morning, baby.” Though, I haven’t received those kinds of text messages from her in months.

So many of my fondest memories include her. And so many small, seemingly meaningless things, remind me of her.


It is really, really hard to swallow the fact that this is really happening. We are really broken up. Life’s a bitch sometimes.

A Failed Relationship



Lets see, lets see, what could I say about my most recent failed relationship. There’s just so much to say. It’s hard to even find the words.

First off, I know I play the victim a lot but I really feel like I’m the only one that’s hurting. I’m not sure if that’s because they really don’t care that we broke up or because they’re busy getting high. Probably both. Even so, I don’t think I’m hurting as bad as I thought that I would. Sure, I get really sad sometimes. But that’s normal. I feel ok for the most part. Maybe that’s how it is for them too. I think we were both just tired of dealing with each other’s shit.

I’m a little (a lot) disappointed that this last relationship didn’t work out. I really thought and was hoping that it would. In the beginning, it all felt really dreamy and surreal, which you could contribute to the infatuation that we were both experiencing.


We spent a lot of time together, and it felt like we missed each other a lot, even we had only been apart for an hour. It felt like we were two pieces of the same puzzle. We both liked the same movies, music, food, etc. We connected in random ways, that you wouldn’t have imagined connecting about. We had a lot of good experiences, and first-time experiences together. It felt like they were my best friend. They understood me really well. They understood when I would react to something badly and would quickly apologize after. They didn’t chastise me for that. I liked that. I liked that it felt like even if I I was the craziest person in the world, they could see the good in me.


But even though everything felt so dreamy, I think that things really took a turn for the worst when my ex-partner started relapsing and then left for rehab for 7 months. It was 7 months of not seeing each other and barely being able to talk to each other. It was 7 months of hearing dates of when they would come home, and then having those dates being pushed back, over and over again, because of them constantly relapsing. I think we care for each other a lot. We were together for 1 year and 5 months. Apart for 7. Life moves on, even if you’re not in each other’s life. I think that’s when we started falling out of love. I think that there is a clear, definitive point in time where you could really look and see, well, they’re not as in love as they used to be.

It is hard to think that at some point, everything was good. Everything was the way it was supposed to be. I think if they hadn’t started abusing drugs the way they are now, we could possibly still be together. There wouldn’t have been as much lying, deceitfulness, or disappointment. That’s what I tell myself, at least.

Today, we are no longer together. We are not even friends. I go back and forth between deleting them and their friends from all of my social media accounts. But I then find myself feeling frantic, wanting to know what they’re doing, and if they’re doing better without me. I find myself wanting to change my number, and feeling the imaginative joy I could feel when they receive an automatic reply that my phone number is no longer in service. I feel very spiteful, but I also feel very hurt.

I feel very apathetic and indifferent towards the relationship we were having. The past few months are indifferent to me. They weren’t good. Most of the time, they were bad.

But the memories, oh the memories. I am in love with the memories, and the memories and feelings of what could have been. It feels disheartening to think that I thought I had a soulmate. We were so alike and it just really feels like a punch to the chest.

Presently, our relationship was stagnant. Nothing was happening and in fact, it felt like the love we had towards each other diminished by the second. They didn’t care about themselves a lot, and I couldn’t handle it. I tried really hard to have things get better. But nothing happened. They just didn’t care. Or they did care, but didn’t do a good job at all of showing it. The last time we hung out was three days ago, on Valentine’s Day. I had been contemplating leaving them. We weren’t together. But we certainly acted like it. I think the thing that was the final straw for me was that, that same day, they groaned when I wanted them to walk me out to their door. How much is that, a couple feet? I left angrily, but forgave them soon after. The next day, they walked at least a mile to the store to buy inhalants to get high with. I always heard that the addict will always love the drug more than they love any of their partners or family members. I tried so hard not to believe it. In that moment, it became very clear that yes, at this point, I am not the thing that they love most.

I am still mourning our failed relationship. We were together for quite a long time, but apart for nearly as long. I find myself feeling stupid sometimes for how hard I tried to save our relationship. Or how badly I wanted them to save themselves.


This has been something that will be really hard to get over. It will take me a long time before I could even think about being with someone else. Even now, here I am, pouring my heart out. I know they will read this, and perhaps they’ll feel just as indifferent as I do. But still heartbroken over what could have been. We could have been so much more.



DUI and Wreckless Driving

My ex girlfriend was supposed to come see me today. I was seriously considering giving them another chance. I’ve given her so many chances. I was literally talking about her today and how I want to give her a chance because I think she’s my soulmate.

But she never replied to my texts. Or my calls. Until her mom texted me asking where she was. And I didn’t know. And then she got a collect call from the county jail.

So her license is suspended. And I’m so fucking angry because she isn’t getting better and that makes me really sad. But on top of that now, we can’t see each other unless I drive to her.

I’m so upset and I genuinely wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. 

I can’t help but feel responsible. I told her I was suicidal and wanted to admit myself to psychiatric inpatient. I feel like I stressed her out. I feel like this was in part, my fault.

Loving an addict is one of the hardest things you can do. It is so heartbreaking. You want to help. You invest every single bit of yourself trying to help and provide support. You can’t help it, you love them. It breaks your fucking heart wishing they would get better. It rips you apart wondering if they’re going to die.

It hits me in waves

I spent a good portion of my life with my ex that sometimes, I kind of forget that we aren’t together anymore. So I’ll talk to them or send them a message about something I saw or experienced and suddenly it’s like, oh..

I was with them the longest I have ever been with anyone. We’ve broken up before. The first time, they broke up with me. I can’t even remember why. But it felt really bad and I just wanted to hurt myself. I cried to my roommate then I told her to leave me alone. Just a total mess.

The second time, I broke up with them because they had used drugs. I don’t even remember what time that was but we got back together the next day. That time hurt a lot too, but it wasn’t so bad because it didn’t last very long.

And here we are again. In the same position. Except it doesn’t hurt a lot this time. It is a deep, prolonged aching. It’s going through moments thinking, God, I can’t live without them. And then thinking, do they even care? And because I’m so emotional, are they even taking me seriously? Or do they think I’ll want to get back together instantaneously? 

I don’t have any support. I don’t even go to therapy anymore. I am more alone than I have been in the past. But I’m managing and I think, maybe I can do this.

But it comes in waves. And the sadness comes in waves. Unpredictable, messy, and unstable waves.