Hello, you

it will all me my fault anyways

i took more pills than i should have,. in the shower i could imagine myself===== someone finding me and saying nosh== no se didn’t overdorse=. she just had quite a but more.it made me laugh.

i ellrelapsed on self harm and it feel s good and it n i t f eels ok

i am sad i did it. it makes me dsf that i gelt the need snd the want ti di wimethinglike that

but I’m glad i did because it feels like the bad stuff if boxing hut of my body. ooxing ooxinf oozing ,

thae bad things are going out of my body,

i relapsed. i n m n o t ok.

== i sm sort of trying

but everyone lkeeps leaving anyway’

so what us the [[pont

there is no point.


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