When You Don’t Matter

It has been a couple of weeks since my parents found out, through seeing a post on Facebook, that Jamie is transitioning.

My mom talked to me about it immediately. My dad talked to me about it just now.
Both of my parents are very homophobic and in the past, when they even found out that Jamie was queer (they just knew about her, not me), they stopped talked to me for maybe two weeks, the first day being my birthday.
That was with just finding out that the person I am dating is queer. They didn’t even know about me.
I had told my mom that I had planned to hang out with Jamie tomorrow. My dad butted in. This is how the conversation with.
Him: Now that you brought that up, we are going to discuss this straight-forward. What is Jamie to you?
Me: Well we are dating, you know that
Him: No I mean what is Jamie. Is he a man or a woman or what?
Me: Jamie is a girl
Him: and what are you?
Me: a girl
Him: So what are you doing with her. That is wrong
Me: because I like them
Him: Yeah but that’s wrong and you’re not going to date them
Me: Ok, well, that isn’t your decision to make so I’m going to keep dating them
Him: so you’re just going to do whatever you want then? Fine, but don’t expect to count as anything towards me
So there it is.
I don’t count as anything towards my dad. And I know he means it because he has been sitting on this for weeks now.
So that’s that and I can’t stop crying and I have such a horrible feeling inside of me.

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