I found a good therapist. She’s very nice. After I told her some of the feelings I have been having just in general and also related to my accident, she said, “you sound really depressed.”

Yeah, tell me something I don’t know.
I am working with two other doctors besides her that she referred me to because I’m all sorts of fucked up.
I also got a job. My first real job. But I’m also quitting within the week. It is really, really hard work and though I know I can get used to it, I cannot get used to the people. Having to work really hard, at a quick pace is very difficult in combination with shitty coworkers.
I work in the deli department in a chain grocery store. We serve cold salads, lunch meats, and hot prepared foods. I like interacting with customers so often on a daily basis, and I don’t mind much that it is hard work. But I cannot stand my coworkers. I know that in every job environment, you find people that you don’t like. But It is getting to be too much for me. I almost had a panic attack the other day. Everyone at my job, with the exception of a few people, is just looking and waiting to see who does something wrong. So they can report it and ridicule you.
No thanks.
But, with quitting my job, it also brings on a lot of feelings. I am feeling very worthless because I’m not doing well in my anatomy class, and I can’t even keep a job. A job that doesn’t even require education. I feel so incredibly stupid. Like I can’t do anything right.
I’m feeling very sad and depressed lately. It comes and goes in spurts.

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