Are you ok?


Here it is –the low point in my life is back. I knew it had to come back soon but damn, it just hit me so suddenly. I was doing ok on Tuesday. By Wednesday I could see a noticeable change. Thursday I had the worst panic attack I’ve ever had and nearly fainted from hyperventilating. Today is Friday and I feel a heavy cloud looming over me. 

I feel very lifeless. Like nothing matters. I have thoughts of how shitty of a person I am. I attribute it to how I don’t have many friends and it seems to make sense. It makes sense because who would ever want to be friends with such a shitty person.
The suicidal thoughts are back.
I finally found a therapist. It took me one month of trying to get squeezed into the schedule but I’m in. 
Hopefully, I will feel better. Hopefully, I will be on medication again. Hopefully, I will be ok.

One thought on “Are you ok?

  1. You will definitely be okay. Please try to remember that school is one of the most serious triggers out there. Talk to your therapist about school pressure. And anyone else you can find. Do you need a tutor to help keep you on track in classes? My son has gotten aggressive about finding tutors and they have made all the difference. They emotionally support him as well. Good luck to you. lily

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