Perhaps this was meant to happen

It is weird to say that God knows what is going to happen before it happens, and that everything happens for a reason. It is especially weird when I say it in the context of my car accident.

It sort of does feel like it happened for a reason, though. I find it easier to dispel my anger and sadness and try to be grateful for the life I live. I feel like I take everything that I have less for granted. Sure, it’s only been a few days but I feel a sort of clarity in my heart. I feel some sort of feeling in my chest when I think, yes, I believe in God.

 (The car I had an accident in). 
I know that a higher power saved me. I grew up being raised catholic and explored Christianity one year when I went to Christian school. It only feels natural to say that the higher power I believe in is Jesus Christ. 
Perhaps, in a weird, messed up way, this is what was meant to happen. This is what was supposed to happen to me. 


3 thoughts on “Perhaps this was meant to happen

  1. I’m sorry you were in an accident, and I’m glad you seem to have come out of it alright. I have to wonder, though… Would anything that could ever happen to you convince you that God did not have a plan for you, or that that plan was not in your best interests?

    I used to believe as you do until some really awful stuff happened to me that forced me to ask those questions. One of the things that drove me from faith was the realization that God did not need to use suffering to bring about any changes. God is supposedly all-powerful, after all, and such a being cannot be constrained to any limitations. Is there some other way for God to accomplish God’s plan for you without your car accident? If so, then why was the accident necessary in the first place?

    1. I was agnostic up until my accident. I’m not saying that I believe that everything happens for a reason, but this happens to be the case for me.
      Thanks 🙂

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