Body invalidation

Once, someone broke up with me because of my mental health issues. They said that they didn’t understand how it worked and that what I was experiencing didn’t make sense. They said that what I was experiencing was not possible, and that its basic biology to know what what I was feeling was not possible. 

He had never taken a biology class.
In that time, I was very depressed and I felt like I sometimes couldn’t even eat or get out of bed. That didn’t make sense to them.
That was first time I had ever really had any sort of discrimination against me because of a mental illness. Fast forward a year and I’m now diagnosed with bipolar II disorder and fibromyalgia. If I didn’t feel fucked up then, I sure feel it now. 
It is hard to get your feelings around your body and general self validated when the whole world is constantly trying to invalidate you. There is such a huge stigma towards both mental and physical illnesses. I wish it wasn’t like this.

2 thoughts on “Body invalidation

  1. Wishes don’t make the world. That said, and I know I’m sounding trite, we have to learn to validate our own self and not look for validation from others. Though I do the same too, often enough.

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