listen to me, please

I have been feeling very strange about Jamie. It feels like they are getting tired of me and don’t care about anything I have to say.

Yesterday, I was feeling really sad and suicixal and o thought that I could come to them for help and understanding, as I feel like when they are sad I try to help them out. But all they said was “I’m sorry” and “I’m sorry you’re feeling that way” with the occasional emoji face.
It makes me mad because I feel like with their other friends, they will go so out of their way to make them feel better.
That is one reason why I feel that they don’t care.
Another reason is because I will talk to them about something that made me upset or is making me upset and they won’t have anything to say about it. Sometimes the things they talk about don’t interest me but I try to listen anyway because I care and love them. It just isn’t feeling like I’m getting the same kind of respect back.
I’m sad and I’m pissed but I don’t want to talk to them about it in fear that they’ll tell me they don’t love me anymore or something.

3 thoughts on “listen to me, please

    1. I think that for myself, I don’t depend on them but it would be nice to feel like someone cared and like it didn’t feel like I was alone in this.

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