Christmas on the 25th

We celebrated Christmas on the 25th. We usually celebrate on the 24th and have a get-together and karaoke until the dawn of day. Not on Christmas. We were all so sick and tired of each other, everything was over and done with by 8 PM.
It all started with my grandma, not surprisingly. She began by complaining that she didn’t feel well. She has a tendency of always doing this on holidays. Then, my aunt brought over someone that no one likes. He stayed for dinner, stuffed himself with food, and then left. No one likes his because he comes off as very pretentious and even though he’s full-on Mexican, he pretends that he doesn’t speak Spanish.
After dinner, we played charades. My grandma threw a tantrum. She was standing up and she said that she couldn’t walk and she started yelling and crying and talking in gibberish.
She wasn’t actually sick, she’s just really mentally ill. She just wanted attention.
It’s funny and it’s annoying because everyone was paying attention to her and she was yelling nonsense. But when we started ignoring her because we realized it was all an act, she “suddenly” got better.
I don’t even know if she has dementia or what.
It’s annoying because she does this every single holiday that our families get together. Then, she calls all the family that we have in Mexico and tells them that no one here cares for her so we all get shit.
We can never really have normal Christmas, let alone, a normal holiday.
I wish I was more understanding, considering I also suffer from mental illness but shit, am I that much of a burden too?


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