Shroom trip

I “did” shrooms the other day with my partner. Is that how you say it, you “did” shrooms? I feel like that meme that says “I took five marijuanas and it ruined my life.” However you say it, I did it.
It was a strange and weird and cool experience. Although, I don’t think I would ever do it again.
It took an hour to kick in fully but I was seeing the walls melt and doors smiling at me maybe thirty minutes in. While I was waiting for it to kick in, I was lying in a bed and looking up at the drywall ceiling. Stories started appearing on the ceiling and before you know it, the ceiling was see-through and I thought I was under a tree. I was looking up into the roots of a tree.
My mind was racing a mile a minute and I was in a million places that entire night.
My partner has Christmas lights in their room and at one point, I thought I was at Hogwarts during Christmas time. I would lay back on the bed and I would appear at a train station and it would be snowing. I’ve never even been to a train station but I guess I was imagining it from what I’ve seen in movies. It was like one of the old-timey train stations.
I went to shopping malls a lot. More specifically, Safeway, Target, and K-Mart. Everything was funny to me.
My partner and I both had moments where we would cry together but they would, for the most part, be happy tears.
I remember specifically one time, I started crying because they called me beautiful and that they really mean it whenever they say it. I started crying because I admitted that I feel like no one ever means it. My self-confidence can be so low.
My partner also transformed into a lot of people and things and animals before my eyes. They were a cyborg, a pony, a tigress. All so beautiful to me.
Like I said before, my partner and I cried a lot together. We just feel like it is so beautiful how good we are at loving each other. It was emotional, in a good way.
It was weird because it was all over so suddenly. It all lasted about five hours for me.
It was all so vivid. I make it sound like it was the best thing ever but I had a killer migraine when it was all over and I didn’t even want to move. But I’ve never done anything like that before and it was just such a different experience than anything ever. And I’m glad that my partner was there with me. At one point, when it was the peak, I had to go to the bathroom and we hadn’t told their roommates that we were doing this so I was in the bathroom and I just started laughing hysterically. One of my partners roommates can be a real hard ass and he was just making these comments that made me feel so bad and they still stuck with me afterwards. Since it was at the peak, I started freaking out and seeing spiders and I was crying really hard but my partner calmed me down and we were laughing again before you know it. When I was crying at that point, it actually felt like I was crying so many tears. It felt like I was Alice from Alice in wonderland when she starts and fills up the room with her tears.

Anyway, my partner and I didn’t do anything except talk. We talked for hours together. And even during the trip, we said how we both loved how much we can talk to each other about so many things –regardless of the drugs. I feel closer to my partner because we talked SO MUCH, constantly. I’m glad I did it with them but I would not do it again.


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