November 17, 2014

One of my friends back home went to a party this weekend and almost got raped. The rapist is ‘J’, my ex boyfriend —for those of you that might remember. We dated like a year ago for six months. It was a really terrible relationship. We were not alike at all. He dumped me because he thought I lied about my mental health —that I was making everything up. And then he later wanted me back and in fact I got a message from him on Halloween saying “hope you’re doing well.”
The audacity.
I am so sad and heartbroken for my friend. I wish I could be there for them in person because I feel like I can’t be very expressive and sentimental via texts. 
And I’m totally not trying to make this about me and invalidate hrs but it is also sort of affecting me because I just think, like, I let this person touch me? I let this person into my life for six months and we were “close.” 
I’m so angry and I’m so sad and I want to message him telling him that if he ever tries to lay a finger on one of my friends that I’ll kill him but I feel like I’d just be feeding into the situation. And I don’t want to talk to that sick fuck anyway.
People are so shitty.


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