Thank goodness

J called me at one in the morning and at first, he tried to play it off as everything was ok but then he apologized about everything and I felt so much better. I really love him. He said that he couldn’t think all day because he was so upset at himself for what he said (I had sent him a text message saying why I was upset and he replied with some bs response that I will attach to the post at the end). Anyway. The message had said something about how watching child’s play 2 was better than talking about his problems and so I thought O OK U WANNA PLAY LIKE THAT? IM GLAD CHILDS PLAY 2 WAS SO IMPORTANT TO YOU BECAUSE YOU CAN WATCH IT NON STOP NOW THAT YOURE SINGLE!!
That was my thought process. I was SO MAD. But he apologized and he was very nice about it and e acknowledged that it was all his fault so I feel loads better now.
Also, I have been binging a huge amount lately and it bit me in the ass today because the fat content in the food has been building up in my tummy and so I feel very sick right now. I almost threw up. Almost.
I hope I feel better soon.



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