Wouldn’t it be nice?

Sometimes, I really just want to tell some people, “you know what? You really want to make me kill (or severely hurt) myself sometimes, just to see if they changed the way they behaved towards me. For example, I would like to tell my mom and dad that, to see if they’d stop hassling me about my weight. I’d also like to say that to my psychology professor so he would stop picking on me. My hope would be is that after I said such a thing, they would stop behaving the way they do. They’d be nicer and more careful with their words. They’d realize that I am also a human, capable of feeling every emotion they are also capable of feeling except I am maybe more sensitive, in a way. I guess it’s just my need to always be the victim coming out again. I can’t help it though. Wouldn’t you like it if you could make someone behave differently towards you just by saying how you actually felt?

But no. We have to swallow our feelings and push through life because we are supposed warriors who can handle anything and if I were a Christian, I would probably say something mundane like “God will never give you more than you can handle” or some bullshit like that. How stupid.


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