Do you even care?

I was supposed to do homework/chores today but I’m finding it difficult to even want to get out of bed. My mom has noticed and so she has started to make me get out of the house. If my dad is going to my grandma’s, I can’t say no, I have to go. I don’t mind..much. I’m just so tired! I don’t even know why. I haven’t been taking my ambien as often as before and so I know it isn’t that. However, I do wake up every 2 hours now that I’m not taking it. It’s frustrating so after four days of not taking it, I’m back to taking the full 10mg. I’m hoping it will (maybe?) help because I have a lot of midterms coming up starting Monday and I haven’t done anything for any of them.
I know, I know. Very irresponsible. I’m trying, though! That’s what counts… right?



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