I like being fat

Fat is not a bad word for me. Everyone has fat. Fat is normal, fat is good. My mom has been hassling me about my weight a lot lately. I mean, she always has but she has been especially relentless lately. As if being fat is the worst thing I could be.
I don’t think it lowers my self esteem but when she brings it up, I get very angry and defensive. It’s my body and I will do as I please with it.
Even when I get back home from the gym, my parents ask, “did you do a lot? Did you go hard? Did you sweat? You need to sweat in order for it to count!”
It’s very harmful to my mental health and it only makes me want to leave even more. I wasn’t find of the idea of leaving for college but now I can’t wait. I’m so tired of being here. I’m so tired of the people, the weather and my family. I’m tired of my routine. I’m tired of the scenery. I’m tired of my life.



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