No, I don’t want to change my art piece

My printmaking instructor always makes suggestions as to what I should do with my artwork. Usually, I don’t mind constructive criticism but she says things in a way that makes me feel like she wants to take over my art pieces. A lot of the art work I do is very personal and it really means a lot to me so when she says that I should change something, it feels a little offensive.
It doesn’t seem like she does it to other people either. It feels like she always singles me out. I also perceive some of the things she says to be offensive as in stereotypical?
For example, she says that she is glad I’m in her class because “not many Latinos take art classes.” And then for presentations, she only lets me do Latino printmakers. It’s a little irritating. I love being latina and I love my roots but I don’t want white people barging into my life, telling me what to do.



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