January 31st, 2014

So, my therapy session was cancelled this morning. I wasn’t given an explanation and I wasn’t rescheduled, I was just told that it had to be cancelled and that was that. I’m a little disappointed because I had college related worries to talk about but I’ll save them for next time I guess. I don’t really mind that my session was cancelled because I think that my mental health is OK right now but it still would have been nice to go.
I finally sent my last two applications for university today as well. It was a little frustrating because my internet kept going out and I had to start over but I got through it. I’m really hoping I get into OSU. It would be a dream. I’m also really hoping that I don’t see anyone I know at the university I decide to go to. Seeing people I know makes me so anxious because living in a small town, everyone knows each other and everyone seems to be so damn judgmental. I am hoping to start new and fresh and make better friends once I move away. I really don’t want any trace of my “old life” to come back with me. I’m just so tired of this place.


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