January 30th, 2014

I think that for the first time, I truly know what love is and what it means. I don’t mean the kind of love that you get from your parents or from your grandparents –I mean the kind of love that you find in a potential partner.
In my past relationships, I was so young and I was so naive. I think that I thought I was in love but I tend to confuse love with infatuation. All of my past relationships have been very unhealthy. Even with flings, they weren’t really flings because I had grown to be infatuated with the specific person. Was it wrong? It didn’t feel like it at the time. But oh god, did it hurt. I cried so often.
In the relationship I am in now, I am not clingy, I do not act “strange.” I also think that a lot has to do with the fact that I’m older now and I can better distinguish what is good for me and what isn’t. I don’t feel like I need to say “I love you” all the time to portray my emotions. It is a good feeling when you just know that you really like someone.
I am very happy at this point in my life.


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